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Taizhou Haoxuan Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd.

We are professional

China pet mats manufacturers and cat litter mats suppliers

, which focus on cat/dog feeding mat, cat litter mats, carpets, floor mats, coasters, table runners etc. Located in the crab hometown of China--Sanmen of zhejiang province, a coast in eastern China. It's about 100kms to Ningbo and about 400kms to Shanghai, just a few kilometres to the Tongsan Highway and 104 State Road.

Our company covers an area of 20,000 square metres, a building area of 15,000 square metres, 3 advanced carpet production lines and more than 100 employees...

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We sincerely thank to friends who have long been concerned about us at home and abroad.

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Our company will be large-scale, standardization, and modernization.

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