The role of the table runner.


The table runner is a soft decoration for the decoratio […]

The table runner is a soft decoration for the decoration of the table. The tablecloth on the table is not only for the decoration of the table, but also for the creation of the entire restaurant and the overall room atmosphere, which will have a finishing touch. Secondly, the tablecloth has other functions, such as being used as a table mat, and also protecting the solid wood dining table.

The function of the table runner.

1. Decorate and create space atmosphere

There are many design styles of table runners. There are various bright colors and different styles of decoration. The patterns are changeable and have excellent decoration and beauty. Whether it is matched in the dining room or the living room coffee table, it is an exquisite soft outfit . The most important role is to decorate the space and create a living room atmosphere. The arrangement of tablecloths on the dining table is not only to match with the tableware on the dining table, but also to combine the style of the dining table and chairs, and the overall home atmosphere design in the restaurant, which highlights a harmonious and unified effect as a whole. Simply put, it is a soft outfit that reflects taste, but in fact it is an exquisite handicraft decoration, which can reflect the quality of life of the owner of the house, and can also enhance the taste of home. It is also a very unique thing to imagine a family sitting on a table decorated with exquisite table runners and feeling the rich cultural connotation.

2. The role of the actual table mat

In addition to the effect of decoration and creating atmosphere, the table runner on the dining table has the effect of table cushion in actual function. The arrangement of table cushion is indispensable on the table, which not only makes the dining more emotional, but also protects the table. Some meals are hot, and placing them on the tablecloth will not cause any damage to the table and has the effect of heat insulation. At the same time, the soup and water during the meal can fall on it, so that the oil will not pollute the table. It is more convenient to clean the table. After that, you only need to clean the table flag. This actual function is also the reason why many people match the wallpaper.

3. Arrangement essentials

The layout of the tablecloth will make the dining space not too monotonous, and it will be more warm and comfortable during the meal, and get rid of the sense of desertedness in the living room. So what are the essentials for its specific layout? First of all, the most important thing is to coordinate with the overall restaurant atmosphere. Different styles of restaurant designs have different table and table runners. For example, you should choose fresh plant and flower table runners made of cotton and linen so that you can also It has a natural and refreshing breath. In terms of color, we need to choose a softer tone, as the supporting role of the dining table, not overwhelming, so many choose plain colors. The layout of the pattern should not be too complicated, but simple and atmospheric. The fabric material must pay more attention to quality. Some materials with better texture can instantly enhance the taste of the restaurant.

The table runner is a decoration on the dining table. It is usually placed on the center line or diagonal of the table. The exquisite table runner is not only a decoration for the room, but also a soft decoration that reflects the sense of quality. Some of its functions will give you a new understanding of it.

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