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A dog doormat has its origin in a time when shoes for t […]

A dog doormat has its origin in a time when shoes for the dogs were not available in every size, and there was need for something to be able to protect their paws. The first type of protective gear that emerged was the leather dog mitt. This would either have padding or a hardened soul that prevented the dog from slipping when they went for a walk. However, there was a problem with leather - it was expensive and could get soiled easily, while at the same time it did not protect the paws properly from cold or wet surfaces. Thus, the next option was the cloth dog mitten. It was cheaper but did not offer as much protection as the leather mitts.

Dog bed mat came into existence, and since then the manufacturers tried to come up with better designs. While many of them offered the same basic features, some added things to suit the owners' needs. Today, you can buy a doormat of any style and make, with or without the non-slip backing.

When it comes to choosing a doormat, there are actually two major options: non-slip or slip-resistant ones. Each type of doormat has its own set of pros and cons. For instance, slip resistant types do not necessarily mean they provide more security. They are designed only to give your dog a little more comfort when they step on them, rather than making them completely non-offensive. On the other hand, if you insist on having your pet's paws thoroughly clean and dried after a walk, then this type of doormat is the best option.

Let us take a look at the non-slip version first. The mats usually come in three sizes, and they are - single, double and king. The material used is highly absorbent and thick, and it keeps your feet dry and fresh even when you have them covered with socks. A doggy doormat with an absorbent cover is suitable for all weather - even snow. In fact, a good quality material such as leather is ideal for winter.

Most doormats with absorbent covers come with a plastic flap that can be closed with a snap lock. If the flap does not completely close, you can slide it open using a handy stick. After sliding it open, your dog will not be able to slide his paws under the cover. A dog mat with an opening flap is called a pause in doormat. Meanwhile, dogs with slip free paws can choose a dog doormat with a non-absorbent flap that is simply fastened to the outside. This is called a paw wash doormat.

Usually, dog doormats are made from a combination of two materials. One is an absorbent and anti-slip pad, while the second is a soft and cushioned cover for your dog's paws. You can use any type of pad or cover for your pooch but most dog owners like to use paws in doormat as it gives their canine pals extra comfort and ease. Doggie paw pads are especially helpful to older pups who may have difficulty walking with wet paws.

Some dogs love to roll on the floor when they get down. To prevent your pup from slipping when he rolls on his mat, opt for a doormat with extra grip tape. There are also specially made pooch pads that can be put on top of a regular mat. These doormats are great to use when you take your pup out for a long walk. These will keep paws of your dog from sliding all over the place.

Dog mats can be washed at home using a machine if you don't want to put them in the washing machine. You can either use a commercial dog shampoo and spin the mat in the washing machine or just put them in the water and let them soak for a few minutes before putting them in the dryer. To help remove soil build up, wash them on cold water. If you wish to add absorbent polyurethane foam to your dog's flooring, you can find these products at any pet store or by visiting online pet stores.

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