Cat Feeding Mat - Is a Cat Feeding Mat Good For Your Cat?


The best cat feeding supplies are non slip. Some will b […]

The best cat feeding supplies are non slip. Some will be affiliate links. Others will get paid when you purchase something from their website or take an action by clicking one of their links. In either case, the company does earn a commission. So the better the company, the more likely it will give you a discount.

But what exactly is a cat feeding mat anyway? It is a special piece of equipment that you place beneath the surface of your cat's food dish. It cleans the bowls while they are hidden and you don't have to scoop out the tray. This keeps the tray cleaner and the dishes healthier. It also helps keep the floor of your cat's cage cleaner so you do not have to vacuum.

My cat prefers to have his food bowls and water fountain cleaned occasionally using a cat feeding mat. It has been more than a few years now since I took advantage of that offer. He was fine then, but now he has health issues that require more attention to him. He has had a hip problem, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, bladder stones and bladder control issues. His eye problems are so bad that he has trouble opening the window of his litter box.

Most pet supply stores carry cat feeding mats, and they come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. The main item that you will need to buy is the matting. There are two main types of plastic and silicone mats. Both can be cleaned easily but the plastic ones are more durable.

Plastic cat feeders mats come with non-slip edges which make cleaning them much easier. If you have an older cat they might have a problem getting their paws around the sides of the non slip surface. You can solve this problem by putting a slice of cardboard on the bottom of the cat feeder mat, or buying another slip-free surface. The idea is that your cat will slide right off the mat.

Some of the other features of the cat feeding mat are that it can help contain spills and urine that go on the floor. The reason that cats naturally spill onto the floor is because they use their paws to try to groom and clean themselves up. The non-slip surface will eliminate the problem. And you do not have to worry about pieces of furniture or carpet getting spilled.

One of the main drawbacks of a cat feeding mat is that they can become slippery when you have small children or pets moving around in the house. Even your dog can get his paws caught between the slats of the mat. If you put a bowl on the mat, they may slide down and be stuck. It is recommended that if your cat has a habit of jumping up on the counter or your sofa that you put a leash on him and take him to the feeding mat. Otherwise he will jump right off and have a litter pan smacked in his face. Other than that, the nubs on the outside of the mat won't do your cat any harm.

In summary, the cat feeding mat is only as good as the type of material that it is made of. Cheap vinyl or rubber mats usually don't perform well and could even be dangerous for your pets. A good choice of material is recycled plastic like polystyrene. These mats are soft and comfortable to sit on but still provide enough grip for a cat with arthritis or other joint problems.

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