Dustproof pads for each function room in the house


There are many materials for dustproof pads, including […]

There are many materials for dustproof pads, including metal, plastic, rubber, cotton, etc. So what kind of dustproof pads are used for each function room in the house? The following editor will show you about them.

1. Foyer mats: The main purpose of using home mats in the foyer is to decontaminate and scrape sand to prevent dust from being brought into the room and causing pollution. Therefore, pads made of materials with high abrasion resistance, good decontamination effect, and easy cleaning can be selected, such as rubber, coconut fiber material, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc.

2. Toilet floor mats: Place floor mats in front of the wash basin and bathroom door, mainly to play the role of water absorption. Therefore, cotton or microfiber mats should be selected, especially microfiber materials. Consumers step on it directly after bathing, not only absorbing water quickly, but also very comfortable to touch.

3. Kitchen floor mat: The floor mat is used here to prevent water and oil in the kitchen from entering the living area. It is recommended to use cotton pads here. Because cotton pads have good water and oil absorption, and because they are natural materials, they are safer to use in the kitchen. In addition, polypropylene floor mats are mostly dark in color, not obvious after soiling, and cleaning is relatively simple. Polypropylene floor mats have another outstanding advantage, that is, the price is average, and the material is also non-superfine material, which is very durable. It is really the best option to use polypropylene floor mats in a kitchen environment that is easy to get dirty.

4. Bedroom mats: Many people now like to put a home mat next to the bed. When they get out of bed, they can go barefoot without getting cold. Although there are many bedside mats on the market, Meijia Decoration still recommends that you use cotton or microfiber mats in the bedroom. These two mat materials are safe and non-polluting, completely eliminating the trouble of static electricity, and the texture is comfortable, which is very suitable for use in bedrooms and children's rooms.

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