How to choose non-slip mats in hotel toilets


Friends who have renovated the house generally know tha […]

Friends who have renovated the house generally know that the bathroom is a humid place in all rooms, especially the hotel bathroom is the place we use most every day, so the owners will choose ceramic tiles to decorate the bathroom, and certainly will not use the floor Come here. However, if you use ceramic tiles for paving, you will definitely choose the anti-skid series, especially for the elderly and children at home. You will also buy a non-slip mat to increase the anti-skid effect. However, there are many anti-skid mats on the market. How should I buy them?

1. Anti-slip mat to remove stains

Generally, our non-slip mats are placed at our door, both to protect our travel and to be safe. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be stains when stepping on the feet for a long time, so we choose to choose good decontamination ability, which is convenient for cleaning. Will not cause pollution to the home.

Second, choose according to demand

Choosing non-slip mats is not blind choice. We better choose according to our own needs. For example, the anti-skid mats in hotel toilets should be those with strong hydrophobic and anti-skid properties. Choose your own needs.

3. Good water and oil absorption

The anti-slip mat in the bathroom must have a water-absorbing effect. Generally, we should choose cotton or microfiber, because these two materials will easily absorb water when we step on it, and the foot feel is also very comfortable; choose at the door of the hotel bathroom A water-absorbing floor mat can prevent water from being brought into other rooms.

4. No hair loss

Generally, our anti-slip mats are placed in our entrances and toilets to provide a certain protection, so we can choose a softer mat, and the material is not easy to fluff. It will be better.

Water-absorbing floor mat at the entrance of the bathroom

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