How to choose the foot pads on the car


After buying a car, the first thing everyone must do is […]

After buying a car, the first thing everyone must do is to lay a layer of mats on the floor of the car, one for cleanliness, and the other for protecting the floor. Therefore, foot pads have almost become the standard equipment of every car, and there are many types of foot pads on the market. In addition to the variety, the materials are also uneven. If the selection is not good, it will not only damage the environment in the car, but also affect the drivers and passengers. healthy.

At present, there are three common car mats on the market. The first is a large enveloping foot mat made of leather; the second is a coil foot mat made of environmentally friendly materials; the third is a flannel foot mat. Because the flannel mats have very poor dirt resistance and are not easy to wash, most consumers will choose from coils and large enclosing mats. Can these two mats satisfy consumers' aesthetics? What about the need for dirt resistance?

The pros and cons of coil mats and large enclosing mats
The most important characteristics of car floor mats should be dirt-resistant, odorless and easy to wash. It is still difficult to truly achieve these three points. From the current most common coils and large enveloping floor mats, they basically care about the other. Even so, we still have to sort out the pros and cons of these two foot pads.

Let’s first look at the large enveloping foot pad. This is a full-covering foot pad that was introduced in the early years. At that time, many 4S stores would recommend customers to install this kind of full-covering foot pad after selling a new car. Remove all the seats inside, and lay a layer of leather foot pads with a thickness of about 0.5cm. The biggest advantage of this type of foot pad is that it can protect the floor of the original car without dead corners, and it is very integrated and does not leak water. No peculiar smell, but there are many disadvantages. For example, it is not resistant to dirt and expensive. The price of non-leather materials is about 800-1000 yuan. If it is leather, it is more expensive and it is troublesome to install. This kind of floor mat is currently installed in luxury cars. More, because it is relatively high-end, but for most consumers, the price of this kind of foot pad is still too expensive.

In order to meet the needs of more consumers, many merchants cut this kind of foot pad into three pieces, and surround it around the corners, which is the more common large enveloping foot pad on the market. This kind of foot pad is installed. It's very simple, and the price is cheap, beautiful, and the wrapping is good, but it is not resistant to dirt and has poor water absorption, especially in the rainy season. There are mud and water in the car, and there are many foreign objects. So buy this kind of foot pad It is necessary for the car owner to prepare a car vacuum cleaner, if it is clean, the foot pad is still very beautiful.

Then look at the coil foot pad. This type of foot pad is usually composed of three pieces. The front two pieces are large behind. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to clean, resistant to dirt, and has a sense of design. If it is not rainy, this kind of foot The pad hardly needs to be cleaned. What are the disadvantages? It just can't be completely surrounded. After a long time, it will make the original car floor and surroundings dirty, and it will be troublesome to clean up after it is difficult.

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