a cat litter catcher mat can help prevent your carpets from becoming filthy


  Whether you have a domesticated or a feral felin […]


Whether you have a domesticated or a feral feline, a cat litter catcher mat can help prevent your carpets from becoming filthy. A mat has two layers: the top layer is a honeycomb pattern with extra large holes. Litter falls into these holes and is held in place until you want to scoop it out. The bottom layer is a waterproof plastic film. This mat is easy to clean. You can lift the top layer to dump out the litter, and then use a standard puppy pad to clean it.

A cat litter catcher mat can save your carpet from an unpleasant odor. The two-layer material is scented, so it is safe to use around your cat. The top layer is soft and easy to clean, while the bottom layer is tough enough to handle messes. This mat can be placed in your cat's litter box or in your home, and it's easy to remove after your cat uses it. You can also clean it with a hose if necessary.

This mat costs less than most bags of litter, making it the perfect option for your home. You can buy it in two different sizes, including half-circle mats, which are great for placing at the entrance point to your cat's litter box. And the mat is very durable - a cat litter catcher mat should last for several years. If you have multiple cats, consider purchasing a larger mat.

This large mat is made of FDA-approved silicone, which makes it flexible and waterproof. It is also easy to clean, and your cat will love using it. It comes packaged on a hanging panel so you can use it as a litter tray. There are many other types of cat litter mats available, so it's important to decide what will work best for you.

When choosing a cat litter catcher mat, you'll want one that traps the litter when your cat uses the bathroom. This will help keep your floors dry and prevent any lingering odors. If you're unsure which one is right for you, look for a mat with a durable surface and a stylish appearance. The right mat for your home will save you a lot of time and money, and will help you avoid a costly mess.

The best cat litter catcher mat is easy to clean and remove. It should be made of durable material so your cat will not scratch it. The surface should be large enough to fit the entire litter box. If you need to remove a large amount of litter, choose a half-circle mat. A large cat litter catcher mat may give you better protection than a half-circle mat. You can also wash it in the washing machine or hose it off when it's dirty.


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Section number product name size description
PP00106 Half Moon Food or Litter Mat, Soft Non Skid Pet Rug 36*60 cm

Stop your pets from taking litter or dirt with this pet paw litter box mat.

It is perfect to place in front of litter box or door to catch litter or dirt from cat or dog paws.

Soft durable cushy plastic material and is easy on the paws.

Half circle shape design allows it to go up against a wall & rounded corners.

Measuring approximately 14.2" L by 23.5"W. To clean, hand wash with soap and water or use hose/sink, NOT machine washable.

Taizhou Haoxuan Plastic& Rubber Co., Ltd is a licensed PVC Pet Products Non-Slip Easy Cleaning Cat Litter Mat factory which has the right to import and export PVC Pet Products Non-Slip Easy Cleaning Cat Litter Mat, our Pet Pad has passed the ISO9001-2000, ISO14000. Company has 3 advanced carpet production lines and more than 100 employees. Feel free to contact us.
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