Cooling Cat Litter Mats For Cats


  While cooling cat litter mats have primarily bee […]


While cooling cat litter mats have primarily been used for dogs, savvy cat owners are now discovering that cats can benefit from them as well. Unlike dogs, which are not naturally used to being hot, domestic cats are used to coping with high temperatures. Cooling cat litter mats help cool your cat down by releasing heat to the air around them. The cooling gel inside the mat absorbs your cat's natural body heat and releases it into the air around it.

The Pet Cooling Mat is an environmentally friendly option that is safe for pets to use. Its non-toxic cooling gel absorbs body heat and disperses it into the air. Your pet will feel a cool sensation when they touch the mat, and as they press down on the mat, their body temperature will gradually lower. The cooling gel is safe for your pet, and unlike water and electricity, it won't harm your pet.

The cooling gel is non-toxic and activates when your pet sits on it. Within a few minutes, your pet will be cooled. While cooling mats are designed primarily for dogs, cats are also fussy about their comfort. Cats are very smart and quickly learn that they're more comfortable on a cooling mat instead of on the floor.

The Mat utilizes patented gel technology to keep your cat cool for up to 3 hours. The mat recharges itself after fifteen to twenty minutes of non-use. The mat is lightweight and folds easily to fit into any cat carrier. It can also be placed on your sofa or floor.

Another benefit of the cooling mat is that it is easy to clean. After using the mat, you can wipe it clean with a damp towel. The mat is safe and easy to clean. Just keep the mat in a shady spot and it will work perfectly. Unlike other mats, it does not dry out and needs no refilling.

Whether your cat is a messy or accident-prone type, the Cat Litter Mat is an excellent solution. It is made of 100% polyester and is waterproof for your cat's protection. Its deep grooves and mesh construction make it safe for your cat to use. The mat is easy to clean and will prevent your cat from tracking around the house.

Using a cooling mat can make a big difference to your pet's comfort. Cats and dogs suffer during the hottest days. Even when they're dressed in sweaters and coats, they are often exposed to temperatures higher than normal. This is why a cooling mat is so important.



Section number product name size description
PP00202 Cat Pet Litter Box Mat 40*60 cm

Material: Non-Toxic PVC,easy to clean & durable for a long life
Easy to keep clean - just shake or vacuum
Soft, cosy surface & water resistant
Full-Bottom Slip-Free grip backing keeps mat from sliding

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