Litter mats are a wonderful way to keep a cat's litter box clean.


Litter mats are a wonderful way to keep a cat's litter […]

Litter mats are a wonderful way to keep a cat's litter box clean. They are durable, nonslip, and made with coiled mesh that is highly effective in trapping litter. They come in multiple sizes and are available in nine different colors. Some have a textured surface and are soft on the cat's paws.

There are two main types of litter mats. The top layer is made with a honeycomb pattern and large holes. The litter falls through the holes in the upper layer, which then collects it until it is time to empty it. The bottom layer is waterproof plastic. This protects the flooring beneath. Many litter mats are designed to open like a book, which makes it easier to pour litter into the litter box.

Litter mats also reduce tracking and save you time. Cats are naturally clean creatures, so this mat will help keep your home a clean place for them. Cats will appreciate having a litter box instead of tracking their litter everywhere. These mats are available in many colors and styles, and you can find some at Amazon for under $13.

If you don't want to use a carpet, you can also get a mat made of hard material. These types are waterproof and easy to clean, and they are usually textured to catch different types of litter. You can also find a mat with a different color for each cat. If you can't decide which color to get, you can always choose a mat with your favorite colors.

The material used for cat litter mats is FDA-grade silicone. It has a ridged texture that catches litter as it falls. The ridged edges gently clean the cat's paws, and the raised outer lip helps prevent litter from spreading. The mat can then be machine-washed or hosed off outdoors.

There are litter mats designed with mesh textures and deep pockets that trap litter. If you want something that won't get as dirty as a mesh mat, you can opt for a mat that features raised grooves instead. Cats will spread their paws on these mats and release trapped litter. These mats are made of eco-friendly silicone, and they're easy to clean.

There are many kinds of cat litter mats, so you'll want to choose the right size and design for your cat's space. The mat shouldn't extend out into your cat's walking area, and it should also be easy to clean. There are also a variety of materials available, including cloth, silicone, and rubber.



Product  Name

PVC plastic floor mat

Material PVC
Width for Rolls (CM)


Size for One-Piece (CM)


80*120cm,120*150cm,120*180cm and so on,

or according to customer requirement.


Rectangle,square,round,semi-round and so on,

or according to customer requirement.


3-4mm,5-6mm,7mm,8mm,9-10mm,12mm,15mm and so on


Red,green,blue, black,grey,brown and so on,

or as per pantone color.

Standard require 

Normal material or enviroment-friendly(Azo,cadmium not include)


To put on the ground or outdoor and so on

Application Scope

 Workshop,Warehouse,,Floor carpet,Door carpet,Car carpet,Swimmingpool,Shop,Kitchen,Bathroom,anti-slipcarpet,Pet carpet , Filtering carpet,Logo carpet


Waterproof, Dustproof, Eco-friendly,Anti-static, Flame retardancy ,Shrink-Resistant, Corrosion resistant and Wear and tear resistant.




 1.(Inner)PE film bag (Outer)Carton or Woven bag. 

 2.Each mat with card&hook.(Inner)PE film bag (Outer)Carton or Woven bag.

 3..According to customer requirements.

Payment terms

 30%TT deposit,the balance be paid against copy of BL or LC


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