Non-slip mat material


The anti-slip mat is a product that can effectively scr […]

The anti-slip mat is a product that can effectively scrape off the mud and water at the entrance and keep the indoor floor tidy; the back is generally made of rubber materials such as pvc, which has the anti-slip effect; the anti-slip mat is flexible and soft, and feels comfortable. Waterproof and non-slip, widely used in toilets, kitchens, gates and other places.

Non-slip mat material

PVC anti-slip mat: good drainage, durable, beautiful, and long use time. It not only has the anti-slip function, but also effectively helps to scrape the sole of the shoe, and the cleaning is very convenient.

Nylon non-slip mat: easy to clean, easy to deform, good abrasion resistance, but easy to generate static electricity, and it can be partially dissolved when exposed to fire.

Pure cotton anti-slip mat: good water absorption, plastic material, can be changed in different three-dimensional design, easy to clean, can be used with anti-slip mats.

Polyester non-slip mat: good abrasion resistance, heat resistance and light resistance. Polypropylene anti-skid pad: light texture, good elasticity, high strength; abundant raw materials, good abrasion resistance, and low price.

Acrylic non-slip mat: soft, warm and elastic. The texture is soft, the color is soft, it is not easy to shed hair, and the back is non-slip design, but the water absorption is not strong, and the wear resistance is poor.

Plastic anti-slip mat: It has excellent elasticity, and the suction cup design at the bottom can also be close to the ground and will not slide easily.

Features of non-slip mat

The installation is stable, and it will not slip easily due to heavy objects such as trolleys, wheelchairs, etc., and become wavy. The product is buried in the ground, the surface is flush with the ground, and will not trip pedestrians; it is convenient for sliding doors and carts to pass, which is very convenient and safe. The product has a good dust removal and anti-skid function, which can effectively prevent the sand and dust from being repeatedly brought into the room and keep the ground clean. It can avoid the friction between sand, impurities and the ground, and protect the surface smoothness of the ground stone. The surface layer can be selected from a variety of materials, is well decorated, gorgeous and beautiful, and is deeply loved by friends. Its bearing capacity can reach 2000 kg per square meter without deformation under standard rolling. Long lifespan, and wear-resistant surface damage can also be replaced separately, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs

Non-slip mat to buy

1. Foyer floor mat:

The main purpose of using home floor mats in the hall is to decontaminate, scrape sand, and prevent dust from being brought into the room to cause pollution. Therefore, foot pads made of materials with high wear resistance, good decontamination effect, and easy to clean at the same time should be used, such as rubber, coconut fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc.

2. Entrance mat:

The floor mat in the entrance can protect the floor and reduce the abrasion on the floor. Therefore, the porch floor mat can be a soft acrylic floor mat that is not easy to shed.

3. Toilet floor mat:

Place mats in front of the wash basin and at the door of the bathroom, mainly to absorb water. So choose cotton or microfiber mats.

4. Kitchen mat:

Floor mats are used here to prevent water and oil in the kitchen from entering the living area. It is recommended to use cotton pads here.

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