The role and attention of table runners


The restaurant is a space for dining and mutual communi […]

The restaurant is a space for dining and mutual communication. The warmth and harmony of the overall space should be fully considered when decorating the restaurant. The dining table is the main furniture in the restaurant, and placing a table runner on the dining table is a very unique arrangement

The role and attention of table runners

1. Decorate and create space atmosphere

There are many design styles of table runners, with a variety of bright colors and different styles of decoration. The patterns are changeable and have excellent decoration and beauty. Whether it is matched in the dining room or the living room coffee table, it is a delicate soft outfit . The most important role is to decorate the space and create a living room atmosphere.

2. The role of the actual table mat

In addition to the effect of decoration and creating atmosphere, the table runner on the dining table has the effect of table mat in actual function. The arrangement of table mat is indispensable on the table, which not only makes the dining more emotional, but also protects the table.

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The role and attention of table runners

2 Table runner size price

European table runner high-end table flag bed flag tea table cloth hanging spike

Summer new European style high-end quilted fabric table runner

European-style simple pastoral four seasons universal coffee table flag

Table runner size price

3 Do you need a table runner if you have a tablecloth?

The common function of the table runner and the tablecloth is to beautify the tabletop, make the dining table less monotonous, soften the edges and corners of the dining table, add interest to the dining, and make the family environment more warm. From an economic point of view, changing a good-looking tablecloth or table runner is equivalent to changing a good-looking dining table. If you have better financial conditions, you can choose both. But if the economic conditions are limited, you can only choose one, it depends on whether you value taste or practical value.

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