The role of anti-skid floor mats in the bathroom


The role of anti-skid floor mats in the bathroom Anti-s […]

The role of anti-skid floor mats in the bathroom

Anti-slip mats can effectively remove dirt, dust, and moisture from the soles of shoes. They are generally placed at the door of the house and in the exit of the bathroom and kitchen to keep the indoor floor clean and dry. The back of the non-slip mat is made of rubber or PVC. It has the function of anti-skid. The anti-skid mat is soft and comfortable to touch, dustproof, waterproof and anti-skid. It is necessary for home.

Material description of non-slip mat for shower room

Anti-skid mat made of plastic material: Anti-skid mat made of plastic material has good elasticity, with a washing disc at the bottom, which can be firmly adsorbed on the ground, not easy to slide, and has good anti-skid effect.

Acrylic anti-slip mat: Acrylic mat has soft texture, good elasticity, and warmth, but it has poor water absorption and wear resistance. It is in the door of the kitchen in general houses.

Non-slip mat made of polyester material: heat-resistant, high-temperature resistant and wear-resistant, suitable for being placed at the main entrance of the house.

Polypropylene material non-slip mat: light material, good elasticity, many raw materials, low price.

Pure cotton non-slip mat: good water absorption and softness. However, it should be cleaned frequently and is suitable for bathroom entrances in winter.

Anti-skid mat made of PVC material: beautiful, durable, good water-repellent, and can remove sand and dust on the sole at the same time.

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