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Nowadays, many families have carpets in their homes, wh […]

Nowadays, many families have carpets in their homes, which can increase the warmth of the family, and can also prevent slippage and fall. However, when using carpets, it is inevitable that the carpets will be soiled, even if they are not dirty, right. Daily cleaning of household carpets is also necessary, so how to clean household carpets?

How to clean household carpets?

Daily cleaning: The carpet can be vacuumed daily or weekly, or brush suction method can be used, so that not only the carpet can be combed, but also the floating dust and the strong adhesion of the carpet can be brushed. This cleaning effect Better than just vacuuming;

Mid-term cleaning: During use, you need to use tools to regularly clean household carpets in mid-term, which can effectively remove the dirt that is not easy to brush up by brushing;

Deep cleaning: If the dust deposits deep, you need professional carpet cleaners to clean it, and you can send it directly to the carpet cleaning shop.

When cleaning the carpet, the carpet manufacturer also needs to remind everyone that when dirt is found, it needs to be removed in time. This is because if the stain or dirt becomes dry or penetrates into the deep part of the carpet, it will have a great impact on the carpet. harm. Also pay attention to the materials of household carpets. There are also certain differences in cleaning methods for household carpets of different materials. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, cleaning can be done by professionals.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in addition to cleaning household carpets, maintenance work is also required. After using the carpet for a period of time, you can change the position to make the entire carpet wear evenly, especially when there are heavy objects on the carpet, if there are some unevenness in some places, you can gently tap it. You can also use a steam iron or a hot towel to lightly compress it. When using household carpets, pay attention to fire and sun protection.

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