What Are Pet Mats?


The Haoxuan Soft Pet Mats is the perfect solution to yo […]

The Haoxuan Soft Pet Mats is the perfect solution to your pet's mess. Each mat has numerous functions; underneath the water and food bowls, inside kennel or crate, under pet bedding or inside the car to maintain the car's floors and seat. The mat is washable too. Each mat also has a polyethylene construction that makes cleaning a breeze.

The Haoxuan has an easy to operate system, utilizing either water or non-chlorinated detergents. Using a simple button, you switch on the power and start cleaning! No need to hand wash the pet mat because the dryer at the base allows you to simply machine wash it with a washing machine if needed.

To keep your pet off the mat, we recommend using our Magic Green Deodorant which comes with a special dual action patented sprayer. The patented Spray and Go feature allow you to clean the mat with a non-detergent pad and then spray it down with a gentle cyclone action to remove the dirt and grime. Each time you use the machine washable mat, it gets cleaner and drier making it a consistently good product. You won't need to change the dryer either, just machine washable. This is perfect for people who live in areas where soil or grass can get onto the pet mat and cause problems.

What makes the Haoxuan unique is that it's so effective at providing natural relief from pet odor and all the bacteria and allergens that cause it. When you place the pet mat in the machine, the heat naturally warms the fibers creating a body temperature safe environment for the growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds. Then when you use the dryer on the mat, the air vents open and let cool, dry air to circulate underneath the mat. That provides natural relief from body temperature itchiness. The dryer also helps to draw all that moisture out of the fur.

You will notice that using a pet mat in the winter months and in damp places like attics, bathrooms and even the garage is much easier than using a dryer on the same spot. You don't have to deal with the temperature being lower than body temperature because the humidity will be naturally reduced around your home. You won't have to deal with the mat becoming soiled with pet hair or pet dander. Your carpet will feel softer and your upholstery will be more durable. No pet odor or allergens means a healthier home for your family.

Haoxuan pet mats are made of natural fibers and will not irritate your pet's skin. You can also rest assured knowing that the material doesn't absorb moisture. There are several sizes to choose from. If you have more than one dog, consider a double pet mat so you can minimize cleaning time.

Many pet owners find that pet mats keep dust mites and other allergens out of the air. That is because the material is soft and absorbs the moisture without allowing it to seep through to the carpet underneath. When you use a dryer on the same spot, you spread the dryer's exhaust over a large area. That means that you are opening up all those rooms that aren't even used. The mats will easily remove all traces of the hot air from the dryer.

Pet mats are safe and easy to clean. Unlike a rug or a carpet, pet mats aren't impossible to dislodge. You just need to vacuum the area regularly. After a while, you will be able to get right up on the mat and pick it up. A pet mat has no loose ends or frays and is easy to store away when it's not in use. There are lots of pet owners who swear by pet mats.

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