What is the cat litter mat


The cat litter mat is a kind of slightly sticky plastic […]

The cat litter mat is a kind of slightly sticky plastic pad. When using it, it should be placed outside the cat litter pot, that is, the outlet of the cat litter box. Cat litter pads are used because cats usually bring out some cat litter when they come out of the litter box, and the cat litter pads can adhere the excess cat litter on the feet of the cat to prevent the cat from bringing the cat litter to another location in the house.

When a cat leaves the litter box, it will leave 80% of the litter carried on the litter box. Although it cannot completely prevent the litter from being carried out, it can also effectively reduce the amount of cleaning the litter and avoid The spread of bacteria. It should be noted that when using the cat litter pad, the fallen cat litter needs to be cleaned up in time, and the cat litter pad must be cleaned regularly.

In addition to choosing to place cat litter pads outside the cat litter box to reduce the cat litter being taken out, you can also choose to replace the cat litter box at home with a semi-enclosed cat litter box in the walkway, or replace the cat litter with cats to not easy Cat litter brought out.

The semi-closed litter box with aisle can make the cat have an independent space when defecation, and there will be a place for the cat to rub the foot at the door, which can rub off the litter sticking to the cat's foot.

When choosing cat litter, try not to choose cat litter with smaller particles. This kind of cat litter is easy to get caught in the toe seam when the cat is in use. It is best to choose cat litter that is full of particles and large in volume. Even if it adheres to the cat's body, it will fall when it touches the cat litter pad.

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