What kind of doormat is good at the door?


Doormats are things that many people have in their home […]

Doormats are things that many people have in their homes, but there are also many people who don't use doormats. Why don't you want to put doormats? The reason is the following. One is that everyone may feel that their home area is too small. So I won't let it go. Another reason is that I don't need to put it away when I clean it frequently. Then there are many people who think that the doormat is really troublesome and they need to wash it often, but what you don't know is that you shouldn't look at the doormat. , But its effect is great, it can be said that the doormat is an indispensable thing in the home.

Door mats can help you wipe off the dirt on your shoes before entering the door, so that everyone can keep the floor clean, and there are many types of door mats. The material of the door mats is polyester or cloth. There are also plastic ones. People often use cloth and polyester ones. If they are plastic, they are usually used outside the door.

The basic function of the door mat is to remove dust, there is also non-slip, and then there is a certain degree of water absorption, so you can choose the door mat according to your needs. Generally speaking, polyester and fabric door mats are all dust-absorbing and water-absorbing. Functional, if it is plastic, it will have a non-slip function. There are many types of door mats, including indoor and outdoor, and elevators. In many cases, people use plastic door mats outdoors. of.

For the doormats at home, everyone usually uses cotton, polyester-cotton blends, and plastic. The cotton is made of natural fibers, and it can be in contact with everyone's skin. The problem is, this kind of door mat is not harmful to the human body. The cotton door mat is very good in terms of water absorption and breathability, so if you want to put the door mat on the door of the bathroom, you can choose this type. There is no problem in the bedroom door. After you take a shower, there will not be so much moisture.

There is also a polyester-cotton blend that is not easy to wrinkle, and the finish is also very good. The key is tear resistance, but there is a disadvantage that it is very easy to generate static electricity, and there is a plastic doormat, which everyone knows is generally It is placed outside the door, and the slip resistance will be much better. In addition, in fact, the dust in the air can also absorb a lot.

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