What material is good for the table mat-what material is better for the table mat


People pay much attention to the protection of the dini […]

People pay much attention to the protection of the dining table. Just imagine that if hot meals are placed on the dining table, everyone will feel dear to their beloved dining table. At this time we need a table mat. This is a small object that is easy to clean, convenient and practical. With it, there is no need to worry about the dining table being scalded. The dining table can maintain its beauty and extend its service life. Everyone will ask what kind of table mat is good?

What material is good for the table mat-the classification of the material of the table mat

1. Cotton table mat. This placemat is made of cotton or pure cotton. It has strong water absorption and can effectively control the heat of the tableware. At the same time, it is easy to clean, soft material, and used with exquisite tableware, which can better reflect a quality of life. elegant.

2. Hemp table mat. Hemp placemat, as the name implies, is a placemat made of hemp material. This kind of placemat is a very strong placemat, which is generally used for a long time and has good durability. At the same time, it also has the effect of preventing insects and moths. Objectively extend the service life of the placemat.

3. Bamboo table mat. This bamboo placemat has the best heat insulation and can effectively prevent hot items from damaging the dining table. Some bamboo placemats are also made into various cute and beautiful shapes, which can show the characteristics of bamboo itself. Called perfect.

4. Paper cloth placemats. It is made of the latest environmental protection materials and has good heat insulation, but it cannot be washed.

5. Plastic placemats. Environmentally friendly placemats are currently more popular, light in weight, environmentally friendly, novel in style, and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface.

6. Silicone placemat. The texture is good, it can be tried repeatedly, the color is bright, the surface can be made of various patterns, and the color will never fade! Because silicone is an environmentally friendly material, it is recommended that you use silicone placemats more.

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