What material should be used for the door mat


The materials of the door pads are: 1. Plastic can also […]

The materials of the door pads are:

1. Plastic can also be used as carpet material. Plastic carpets are made of plasticizer, polyvinyl chloride resin and other auxiliary materials, which are evenly mixed and shaped. Plastic carpet materials can be used instead of pure wool and chemical fiber carpets. Plastic carpets have the characteristics of bright colors, not easy to burn, not afraid of moisture, and non-slip. Plastic carpets are suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stage, residential, etc.

Because plastic carpets are water-resistant, they can also be used as anti-slip in bathrooms.

2. Blended spinning is a relatively common one. Which kind of blended carpet is better mixed with wool and various synthetic fibers, this is also the origin of the name of the blended carpet material. Which kind of blended carpet is good has the advantages of wool carpets, and combines the durability of various fiber carpets.

The blended living room material is a kind of carpet with high cost performance.

3. The carpet material of wool is relatively expensive and the cost is relatively high. Regardless of the advantages of the wool carpet material, the wool carpet material will account for 13% to 18% of its own weight in general humidity. In special cases, the moisture content of the wool carpet material can be as high as about 33%.

Because of this advantage, the wool carpet material can absorb moisture from the air and release moisture when the air is dry.

4. Acrylic carpet material is a relatively common one in daily life. Acrylic is a synthetic fiber made of acrylonitrile copolymer with polyacrylonitrile or acrylonitrile content greater than 85% (mass percentage). Acrylic is known as artificial wool. It has the characteristics of not easy to dye, bright color, antibacterial, light resistance, not afraid of moths, fluffy, softness. It is also very suitable for use as carpet material.

5. The material of chemical fiber carpet is also called synthetic fiber carpet, such as polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, nylon carpet and so on. The material of chemical fiber carpet is made of synthetic fiber by tufting method or weaving method, and then stitched with the bottom layer of linen. The chemical fiber carpet has good abrasion resistance and elasticity, and the price is low, which is suitable for the floor decoration of general buildings.

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