Which kind of material is good for home restaurant table mats


PVC table mat The table mat made of PVC material is smo […]

PVC table mat

The table mat made of PVC material is smooth on both sides, crystal clear, and can be placed directly on the table top. It is very suitable for natural wood furniture without lacquer finish and no high gloss, or table with cloth tablecloth.

Soft glass table mat table mat

Table mats made of soft glass have excellent electrical insulation properties, inert chemical properties, non-toxic and odorless, no adverse reactions to the human body, and anti-radiation properties, which can effectively prevent the generation and dissipation of static electricity. It is suitable for home use on the desktop of precision instruments.

Cotton table mat

This placemat uses a placemat made of cotton or pure cotton, which has strong water absorption and can effectively control the heat of the tableware. At the same time, it is easy to clean and has a soft material. It can be used with exquisite tableware, which can better reflect a quality of life. elegant.

Crystal board material table mat

The table mat made of crystal plate material can heat tea, hot soup, cold and frost resistance, heavy pressure, non-toxic, tasteless, and environmentally friendly. Suitable for all household countertops such as dining tables, desks, bedside tables and coffee tables.

Hemp table mat

Hemp placemat, as the name suggests, is a placemat made of hemp material. This kind of placemat is a very strong placemat, which is generally used for a long time and has good durability. At the same time, it also has the effect of preventing insects and moths. Objectively extend the service life of the placemat.

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